Why is Toxic Femininity so wrong?

Let us bring “MEN” back!

Grow a father’s heart.

We need to teach our children what their duties will be. Yes, I said duty, and yes, in most of our minds, it is connected to things that we do not want to do or that are hard. But we have been misled; duty is strongly connected to honour and respect. If you love someone, you want to do all these DUTY “burdens” for your loved ones. It’s a game changer if and when you decide you WANT TO do hard things for your family or say the right things—not an opinion but the honest to God truth.

I grew up in a military house, and I had a good example of what duty meant. When I looked at my father, he resembled power! He was a major and commanded many, but he was still soft-spoken and kind. He was a MAN OF GOD and never afraid to do what was right. He always told me, “Sometimes you will need to do things that you don’t want to do.” I never got it as a young man, but now that I’m older, it all makes sense. Duty is my honour; – Duty makes me a better man.

With a generation that is so confused about everything, DUTY can’t be such a bad solution for our current dilemma. With toxic feminism on the rise, our daughters want to be men, and our sons want to be castrated to be more feminine. Women will never be men and think or do things like men, and of course, men should never try to be women. If God wanted us to be like that, he would have made us parthenogenesis, or asexual reproductive, but instead though of an ingenious term called marriage, we need the opposite sex to become more of ourselves. I need my wife; I need her femininity in all choices and decisions made in our lives. Without her, I wouldn’t be the man I’m today; she was made just for me! I am so blessed!

So, how do we apply DUTY to this generation? I’m sad to say, but there is no hope for them; they are lost to the world. But you have Hope and you know better, so basically the responsibility is all on you. You can apply and supply all the knowledge and wisdom to your seed. Your offspring can benefit from the truth that is in you. You are the change, dear Father; you are the missing link!

Let us not be afraid anymore; let us bring “MEN” back!

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