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We believe that our laws should protect us, and our Constitution is one of the most progressive in the world, but we had the misfortune of seeing the other side of the coin and believe me its not pretty.

Our roads are still strewn with the carnages of Drunk Driving and good peoples lives are destroyed because of  “weak links”

Help save lives… Help us STOP Drunk Driving.

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Stop Drunk Driving Petition

To Whom it may concern - I STAND AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING!

I %first_name% %last_name% hereby sign this petition %petition_title% against the culturally accepted Social SICKNESS called Drunk Driving:

Petition Demands
The term "drunk driver" typically refers to an individual who is operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. This impairment can significantly reduce a driver's motor skills, reaction time, and decision-making abilities, increasing the risk of accidents on the road. Law enforcement agencies use various methods to determine if a driver is under the influence, including field sobriety tests and breathalysers. It's important to note that even if someone is suspected of driving under the influence, they are entitled to due process and a fair investigation to determine their level of impairment and any subsequent legal consequences.

I demand:

On Scene Police Procedures:

  1. If a Drunk Driver is injured on scene a Blood Sample needs to be taken without consent.
  2. If an Injured Drunk Driver will be airlifted from the scene - a Blood Sample needs to be taken without consent before airlifted by either a paramedic or certified SAPS members trained for this purpose (On Scene DUI Testing).
  3. The recommended 2 hour time limit for obtaining an evidentiary sample (BAC) should be extended to at least 3/4 hours and should only be seen as a guideline and not a rule.
    a. If a suspected drunk driver still has any traces of alcohol in his blood stream after 4 hours or even 6 hours, a blood sample can still be used as evidence to prove that he was drunk when arrested.
    b. The blood level can calculated as an estimate only and not to prove the blood level amount.
    c. In other words a driver with 0.09 will test significantly less after 4/6 hours but testing ether via Breath or Blood is crucial to prove circumstantial evidence.
  4. Police officers need to be made aware of the importance of the 308a form and REQUESTING a Blood Sample at all costs when a driver is suspected of Drunk Driving but injured on scene and needs immediate medical attention.
    IMPORTANT – before any examination, it is important that a written request from a police officer to conduct the examination (SAP 308(a)) – this is a document requesting the examination of a person that is arrested.
    a. Our Law enforcement agencies are plagued by corruption and neglect, and should be made accountable for not up keeping the law
    i. Any SAPS officer of the law which for any reason has not followed protocols must not just be charged with internal SAPS procedures but also charged for obstruction of justice.
    ii. Setting stricter consequences for up keeping the law will ensure not just less drunk driving but also in other related crimes.

On Scene DUI Testing:

  1. Once selected/suspected for a DUI test, the testing officer can oversee one of three globally approved drunk driving tests:
     Field Sobriety Tests: These include standardized tests like the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), the one-leg stand (OLS), and the walk and turn (WAT).
     Breathalyzer Test: Conducted using a machine known as a breathalyser, where you blow into it to calculate your breath alcohol content.
     Blood Testing: The most scientific and accurate DUI test, performed at a police station or hospital by a certified medic2.
    o Proper training in identifying a Drunk Driver.
  • Proper Training in using of Breathalyzer Units.
    o Currently only Medical Practitioner or Nurse can take a blood sample – this need to be amended that a Paramedic can also attain a blood Sample.
     Selected officers can get certified in attaining blood samples on scene.
     Additionally selected police officers should be given authority to take blood solely for the BAC purpose
    o Other Agencies on scene should also be able to Request a Blood Sample (308a form) for a drunk driver, not only the SAPS.
     Having multiple sources requesting and enforcing the law will eradicate Drunk Driving from our roads.
    o A form needs to be created/complied that all major Agencies: Fire, Ambulance, Traffic and Police Departments on scene have to sign to affirm that the drivers are either sober or drunk. We believe that this will ensure that swift JUSTICE can be ensured as all our government departments as riddled with corruption.
     All parties on scene which worked in close proximity of the drunk driver have to give affidavit stating that they clear or suspect a driver of being under the influence of liquor/Drugs.

Trial Preparation:

  1. Quicker processing of Blood Test Results (normally about 6 months)
  2. Quicker turn around for convictions in Drunk Driving Cases.
  3. Independent agencies need to be used for Blood Results – insuring fast Blood Test results.
  4. Making use of Polygraph need to be adopted again only to be used as circumstantial evidence to build a stronger case.
    Liquor Laws need to be amended.
  5. If a Drinking institutions or any one in possession of a Liquor license which serves liquor on their premises are found:
    a. Serving too many drinks to one individual – fully knowing that the punter will be driving and does not arrange alternative transportation for the punter – then the drinking institutions should be also charged with Negligence, aiding and abetting a Drunk Driver.
    o If the punter refuses the alternative transportation – the drinking institutions should obtain the drivers keys and call the police.
    • Serving too many drinks to one individual – fully knowing that the punter will be driving and that punter causes an accident – then the drinking institutions should be also charged with Negligence, aiding and abetting a Drunk Driver or worst case scenario loss of life - Vehicular Homicide.
    • If Drinking institutions are found guilty a penalty fee – jail time or liquor license needs to be revoked.

Penalties and Jail sentences needs to fit the crime e.g.
2. First-time offenders should not receive preferential treatment.
a. For a society to believe that it is wrong to Drive Drunk, the community needs to fear the law and have respect for others.
b. If we allow our children to have a mindset that Drinking and Driving can be mixed, we as the elders have failed.
c. Stronger consequences and a true ZERO Tolerance towards drunk driving will ensure a shift towards citizens which will uphold the law themselves.
3. A Drunk driver causing an accident where another vehicle is involved should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon or at least attempted murder, not just a slap on the wrist
• A Driver arrested for drunk driving should pay either R120 000.00 or 6 years imprisonment or license revoked and 10 years criminal record.
• A Driver causing an Accident while under the influence of Alcohol should pay a fee of R240 000.00 or 12years imprisonment and 20 years criminal record.
• A Driver causing an Accident and there is loss of life should pay either R1 000 000.00 or Life in prison and 50 years criminal record.

  • Officers found to have taken bribes or found negligent should get the same sentence as a convicted drunk drivers.

Training and Education:
• Educating Youth about the consequences of Drunk Driving should not start after school but deeply rooted from a very young age.

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