SAY NO to Drunk Driving!

“All hope has failed because WE have failed to adhere to GOD’S CALLING.” ~ Anonymous.

Change the Thinking – Change the Action.


Is drinking and driving a criminal offence in South Africa?

Yes, Drunk Driving is illegal.

Section 65 of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 (the “NRA”’) sets out the legal limits and prohibitions for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. It provides that no one shall drive or even occupy the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle on a public road if they are over the legal limit.

What is Drunk Driving?

In “Lay mans” terms > When you willfully get a motor vehicle – drive to an institution which offer alcohol beverages and then consuming those alcoholic beverages fully knowing that it reduces cognitive skills – then with a cultural attitude of disregarding the law – you get in your motor vehicle impaired – willfully thinking that you are in full control of all senses – THEN with the intent to drive home intoxicated, you do not call a Uber/Taxi or friend to drive you home. YOU THEN Arrogantly think that because everybody does it, what harm can I do.

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Ultimately if you want to drink do it responsibly but it’s such a cliché because if you drive your vehicle to a bar you are willfully knowing that you WILL be driving home DRUNK.

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Drunk Driving

What’s the problem?

Drunk Driving

50% of people who die on the roads have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.05 gram per 100 milliliters. Help us change this!

We aren’t doing this for popularity so don’t worry we not phased about offending people.

If we can stop a mother from standing next to an open grave looking at a casket – I am not sorry for standing in-between the gap.