Man of GOD or man of lies

Tommie Abrams, which one will you be?

Dear Tommie Abrams, I hope, after more than 3 years, you at least tried to make some effort to contact me. I tried to make contact with you, but all you and your father did was keep silent. Most probably you were ill advised to treat us this way, but you made a grave mistake – you as a man of GOD – do not and never ever will treat anyone like this again, God will not permit it. He will CUT YOU DOWN TO SIZE!

Since the car crash we were left with only struggles and suffering – you might think you are above all this, but your time is up. You not being honest with the insurance company left me stranded without a vehicle – luckily GOD gave us the courage and strength not to give up. We still do not have it easy and we are surely left with emotional scars, but you DID NOT WIN! GOD has decreed new life for us and victory over you! You will fall and have to bow your knee to the King – the King you so lightly use as a mask to the world. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing – YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN. Just by you saying “Lord Lord” do not give you the right to be called a Christian or make you any good. You call yourself a Christian and make use of Christian quotes but you make your brother in CHRIST SUFFER. That my friend does not make sense at all…that is wrong. You are wrong Tommie Abrams!

It might seem very strange to say, but thank you for crashing into us. I don’t ever want to go through something like that ever again, but thank you. Because of you I have a family now and have built so much character – the struggle you have brought on me, helped me get closer to GOD and also inspired a ministry called KOA SINAG for people like you which is lost in ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. This all came to be because of your selfish actions, but please do not pat yourself on the back or put a smile on your face – you are by core still a snake and living in immense sin. It is such a shame what you have done and still doing – You will have to change your ways otherwise GOD will cut you down. The fruits you are bearing are only bringing sorrow and brokenness into people’s lives. One might say that you are a failure, but my GOD – The GOD of my father is gracious to forgive and wipe all your sins away – All YOU HAVE TO DO IS BOW YOUR KNEE; not fake it or just as a mask for the people around you but truly surrender. He will lift you and make you a great man of GOD; but only when you SURRENDER and truly become a follower of CHRIST JESUS. At this point you are harming the name of the Lord – stop it – rather keep silent and live for satan the father of lies.

Everything you have and the freedom you have now is because of your earthly father –his time will also have to end, what then, who will bail you out of trouble. Please do not think that you’re FREEDOM and not being CONVICTED comes from GOD – it does not! The Lord despises injustice, the devil is all behind this – he tried to kill me by using you. I thank GOD that I am still here and that your actions did not leave me in a wheel chair or worse unable to care for myself. I do have neck and back problems since the crash but that is fine – GOD will make a plan for me.

Lord Jesus – You see All and know ALL – You were there when you kept my family safe from harm when the devil and his minion came for my life. We could have been mauled and torn to pieces – by you Grace and Mercy we walked out untouched. You are a GREAT GOD to serve! We praise you for the miracle that happened that day. You protected and were faithful once again… We pray for Tommie Abrams and we bind his lies of deceit and call to justice whoever might have assisted in the cover-up. We loosen tongues so that they may reveal the truth. We call those who know to come forth now; we decree victory over his sin and call Tommie Abrams to rise as a mighty man of God! We call life over this broken man. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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