Does Mercy really come in the morning?

Mercy reaches us in the early light of dawn, and few fully comprehend this wonderful gift that God bestows upon us. The weight is overwhelming, and the responsibility to accept this generous gift rests entirely on us. We can hold onto it, without fully understanding its magnitude, or we can humbly clothe ourselves with the new garment of love, MERCY, and Forgiveness.

Mercy is a healing balm that soothes our deepest wounds and frees us from the burden of guilt. It is an eternal embrace that God offers us, regardless of our past or our faults. It is a call to forgiveness, to leave behind resentment and open our hearts to compassion and understanding, even granting mercy to others.

When we embrace mercy, we experience an internal transformation. We become channels of love and grace, capable of forgiving those who have hurt us and extending compassion to those who need it most. Mercy teaches us to look beyond appearances and understand that we are all vulnerable, we all make mistakes, and we all need understanding and mutual support.

May we remember the divine gift of mercy with every new dawn and live our lives with compassion and forgiveness. May we be living witnesses of the grace we have received and share it with others, offering hope and healing in a world that greatly needs it.

Mercy is the essence of life, an unlimited gift that transforms us and allows us to live in fullness. Let us accept it and extend it, to truly be free.


Father of my heart, you stock pile gift upon gift on me daily, but I’m blind and burdened by the fickle pulse of my mind. I lay down my understanding and look up at the new morning – the new day – all the new hope you have ready for me. Make me brave, teach me – guide me into your understanding of who I am in your eyes. Who I should be – Who I should become…

In Jesus’ name


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