Be part of someone’s story…

Be part of someone’s story…

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“I thought the Bible was boring and hard to understand.”


Have you ever found it hard to really connect with God’s Word?

Marsha believed in God but still struggled to connect with Him through Scripture.

But everything changed when she discovered the Bible App and its 3,000 Bible versions. Through comparing versions, God’s Word sprung to life.

“I can now read and effectively concentrate on God and His Word. I no longer see God as a character in a book. God seems so real to me. I see Him as My Father, and His stories are real.”

God’s Word is transforming Marsha’s life, and it’s changing the lives of those around her.

Your generosity can help more people like Marsha experience the power of God’s Word.

When you give a gift of US$40, you’re making it possible for 200 people to download the Bible App and experience God’s Word.

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