The clutter of Filth IN YOUR MIND!

Are really as innocent as you think?

Well, here we go again—another morning, but the same old bag of filth we carry around. We want to serve Christ the best we can, but we also want to hold on to our secret sins, THE HIDDEN ME. Some of us do not even know that we have aquired a sinful mind. In your oppinion it is only the sex craved, drug addicted, porn monster which needs help, you wrong, even you have filth in your mind.

You might be offended by this, and that’s fine with me – no one is without sin! It’s only the master which is pure and blameless. Remember, getting angry or easily offended, judging or looking down on others, NOT HELPING SOMEONE IN NEED is a “Mind Set”, before you outwardly show how you feel; you have already filtered it through your “Filthy” mindset. It is not easy following Christ, and the ULTIMATE step we can take is full surrender, on a daily basis.

We can’t be like the world, and think we are going to show the world something new. We the church have been sitting in comfort and now that the signs and wonders and fulfilment of prophecies are happening around us, we want to run around frantically saving everybody we can get hold of but forget that we need Christ the most. Why do I say this – how sad is it to sit at the masters table but we dabble in sin and are actually so far from HIM. Does this not remind you of someone called Judas?

Let us start, inwardly, search for the presence of the Holy Spirit and lay our lives at his feet. Deeply yearning for more than this comfort living but a life filled with GOD and CHRIST. ALL OR NOTHING. Ultimately it all starts with your deliverance and daily surrendering to Christ which will make the world truly believe that Christ Jesus is the only true Son of GOD.

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