Show me your Heart – I Pray

Lord, you’re true to your nature and that is LOVE. In this world love is a scarcity and everyone longs for it – longs for you, but they just don’t know it. No one is sure how to show it or how to access it, but you are consistent in your loyalty and faithfulness. You have FREELY offered us complete and Full access to all your LOVE! You are bountiful in exploding love and ready to show the broken – me – the true purpose of your deep love.

Thank you for paying the full ransom for my soul – for ripping me out of despair and into your marvelous LIGHT. Although I do not fully comprehend the extent of your FREE gift and the massive sacrifice you made for my freedom… I lack the imagination.

I pray, that you will blast your living wind into my lifeless existence and revive my dead soul. Rise these dry bones and bring me to life in CHRIST! Fill my HEART with a new song, I want more of you – More of your LOVE! I long for a life filled with your LOVE – I WANT YOU! ALL OF YOU!

Fill me to the brim – I am done with the soulless living – the walking dead syndrome… I NEED YOU NOW!

In JESUS NAME – amen!

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