Set us free from ourselves.

I Pray for Deliverance

Father God, we bow in your presence and acknowledge that you are the Lord above all! You have done so many great things the eye can behold—things we aren’t even aware of. Thank you for that. Thank you that you want us to free-walk righteous lives and clean from sin. Thank you for your love, your Son and your Spirit. You are the best and only good thing in my life.

Lord, I come to you today and ask for healing and the deliverance of sin. Come heal us, your children, and change our filthy worldly minds and hearts. We do not belong to the world, so we need to stop living as the world. I decree a new life, a new phase of openness, and FREEDOM! I declare that YOU are God above all, and through your power and majesty, we, your children, will walk in your righteousness. We will have clean, Holy lives for your Kingdom. Let us live through the circumstances and teach us how not to fall apart every second of the day. Make us your Blood People; make a new covenant with us.

I pray that you will give the reader of this prayer a unique sense of awareness of your Spirit, open eyes for your kingdom and a NEW Heart! New ways of thinking. I DECLARE THAT THE OLD IS GONE AND IT IS DONE FOR… NO MORE BONDAGE! No more repetition living, but kingdom Living. I call life and more of YOU in this individual’s life.

In Jesus’ name – AMEN!

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