Internal Change

My question to you is this: How will the world know you follow Christ?

What a disappointment it is to fail miserably at the same thing over and over again. Failure is an old friend to us all, but I think it is time to send this old resident packing. I surely do not want to give “him” a second of my time anymore. We are all sinful, and our human nature gets hold of us continually, but at the same time, our souls also yearn to follow and be like Christ. This internal conflict can create an unbalanced life and a confused soul. This unharmonic frequency can only be confusing to the world.

This is not what God intended for us—for you—our walk of freedom should be filled with complete freedom and victory over our sinful selves. We are set free and should embrace this mindset. That is why we should crucify our desires and our will on the cross. We need to take up our cross—me, myself, and I—and walk as what Christ has called us to be. No more taking chances with our eternal life! You have been called to CALL others to Christ!

Let us not make the sacrifice of Christ a mockery by living shamefully like the world, aimlessly wondering around, uneducated about the truth.

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