If GOD say NO – say YES!

Why do I feel so STUCK?

When God “Shuts you in,” it is not only to protect you but also for His purposes. It’s hard to believe that we could be “called” or have a prescribed journey to follow. Although we have free will, I believe God has a blue print for each of us; each print is unique and special. We tend to forget that we are all made for a specific purpose, and sometimes we do not live our lives accordingly, so things don’t always work out or we get undesired results. That’s when you find out that when you make plans without God in them, you get mediocre dreams.

When God takes us to quiet places, to green pastures in the valley, we do not always understand or appreciate the blessing that is on us; these places are meant for healing, recovery, and refinement. This is where you can meet up with your maker, recalibrate, get your missed-up world fixed, and bring GOD back into the centre of it all.

If God takes away the clutter and the busyness, it is ONLY to refine our focus back on Him. You know God is such a great Father; even when we do not appreciate the little things, He keeps on giving regardless of our attitudes towards Him. We miss out on such great blessings and growth every time we put our focus on what the world thinks.

If we are willing to receive correction and loving guidance, these seasons of confinement will not feel like a punishment, but they can be a joyous time where we can get closer to God. Our lives get so busy that we do not have time for God anymore. Slowing us down is such a gift in a world that loves to rush.

Let us now, today, surrender our trivial desires for control and release our futures into the hands of the maker of all things. Blind faith must be our motto—trust like a child!

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