GOD’S timing


Today is the perfect moment to embrace freedom.
Today is the ideal time to take action.
True liberation awaits, for it is readily available.
If you seek it, always keep this in mind.

Freedom is a priceless gift bestowed upon both you and me.
Now is the time to break free,
Freedom knows no bounds and is bestowed upon those who thirst for it.
Once you find it, hold it tight, cherish it, and defend it.

In the darkest of nights, when loneliness looms,
Hold onto your freedom, for it will be your guiding light.
Even when you stumble and struggle to rise,
Freedom will empower you to prevail and conquer any plight.

Always remember, you are never alone in this journey.
There is a “divine”—God’s timing for everything—trust and belief.

Download yours now.

The post GOD’S timing first appeared on Koa Sinag Ministry.