Dare to see

Take the leap of Truth!

In a world of the blind leading the blind, it can become a bumping around. I am so tired of fumbling around and being lost and scared. Where is the hope, we all have been promised? Where is the love that we will be freely given?

Dear Friend, if you are tired of your life right now, join the club; you are not alone in feeling this way. The world is at its pinnacle point, and you are at the best place you can possibly be. It just takes one more step into a great adventure. If you want to feel alive, feel loved, and have this heavy burden lifted from your shoulders, I DARE YOU – TAKE THAT STEP.

It is not easy; this life is cruel and disgusting people live in it, but you, my friend, have a place in God’s Kingdom; you are CALLED! Jesus died for you and right now offered to receive Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Take it now before it is to late.

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